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If you have a sound card which supports MIDI and you have MIDI player software,
then you can configure your Netscape WWW browser to automatically play the
background music on my homepage.

It is recommended that you download and install the MIDI plugin for Netscape 2.0 - Crescendo Plus. Download Click on the icon to download the shareware software.

After unzipping the Crescendo software, move the npmidi16.dll(Win 3.11) or npmidi32.dll(Win 95) to plugins subdirectory of Netscape. When you update to a later version of Netscape, make sure that npmidi16/32.dll is moved to the plugins subdirectory of the latest netscape.

Make sure your Windows MIDI mapper is setup at the Control Panel window for the 16 channels. Some channels(1-12) are initially set up to None. For a Pro Audio Studio sound card, my setup for all channels is MVI OPL3-FM. Check your sound card manual for your setting. For the best sound quality, a wavetable soundcard such as the SoundBlaster AWE32 is recommended.

Follow the instructions below for configuring your Netscape browser software.
Netscape Navigator 2.0 and above supports MIDI plugin such as Crescendo Plus which can be setup as follows:

  • Select the Options drop-down menu
  • Select General Preferences ...
  • In the Preferences Window select the Helpers tab
  • Select Create New Type ...
  • Enter audio in the Mime Type box
  • Enter x-mid in the Mime Sub-Type box
  • Click OK
  • Enter mid in the File Extensions box
  • Click on Browse ...
  • A Select an Appropriate Viewer dialog box appears
  • Select the directory and netscape.exe file
  • Click OK
  • Make sure that Launch the Application is selected
  • Click OK to close the Preferences dialog box
  • Click on Options up on the window toolbar
  • Click on Save Options
  • You will need to restart Netscape for the changes to take effect
If you encounter problems running Crescendo Plus, please read Step - by - Step
Troubleshooting of LiveUpdate Crescendo and Crescendo Plus at

For procedures in adding Crescendo support to your website, browse thru

Enjoy the Music!Audio