Famous Rondalla Groups

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Famous Rondalla Groups

logoComparsa Joaquin(1905-1913)
Organized by Antonio J. Molina. Played aboard an American luxury liner in several tours in America.

logoComparsa Santa Cecilia (1908)
Organized by Victorino Carrion. Gregorio Jose and Jose Carrion were the only male members. The other 10 were girls: Ramona Ponce, Pacita Guidote, Patrocinio Jose, Angelita Rivas, Dolores Jose, Concepcion Rivas, Adelaida Domingo, Prudencia Muyot, Carmen Arevalo, and Carmen Martinez.

logoRondalla Ideal (1909-1912)
Founded by Antonio J. Molina and directed by him from 1909-1912.

logoRondalla Oriental
Conducted by Dalmacio Samarista and managed by Estanislao Sikat.

logoComparsa Gumamela
Named after the flower worn by its members on the lapel of their white coat in any formal gathering. Organized by Jose Estacion.

logoRondalla Apollo
Formed one Christmas eve at the Matute residence and whose members belonged to prominent families in Manila. Organized by Jose Estacion.

logoRondalla Filharmonica Juvenal
Organized in 1913 and conducted by Antonio J. Molina. Its members were teenagers and they thrilled music listeners with the quality of their performance as well as with their well-selected repertoire.

logoPhilippine Rondalla
Organized and conducted by Jose Estacion in1927 in the Amoy University, China.

logoManila Yellow Taxicab Rondalla
Organized by the owner of the transportation company on June 11, 1904. Directed and supervised by Antonio J. Molina. The Rondalla was composed of amateur musicians and drivers of the company. It played as a unit and in combination with the Monserrat Philharmonic Band, Yellow Taxi Orchestra and Chorus. The associate conductors of this multiple venture were Honorato Asuncion and Felipe P. de Leon.

logoLa Concordia College Rondalla
Organized during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in 1942. The consultant of the group was Hilarion F. Rubio.

logoManila Symphonic Rondalla
Organized by Antonio J. Molina. He originated the symphonic rondalla and he enlarged the rondalla by adding more instruments, not only those of the original rondalla but also those of the symphony orchestra. Piccolo-bandurria was added and the bandurrias were divided into first, second, and third. Three laud instead of one were employed, each one playing a different part. One octavina was increased to three, each one played a part of its own. The guitar and bass-guitar were increased to three. Other instruments added were one flute, a string contrabass, a piano, tympani, and varied percussion instruments.

logoSocial Welfare Administration (S.W.A.) Rondalla
Composed entirely of blind musicians. The group started with an ensemble of three persons and in just a little time six brothers and a sister joined the group and soon it had 25 members., besides the maestro and three vocalist.


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