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Members of the UPA&F Rondalla

Faith Buenaventura(Bandurria 1)

Paula Buenaventura(Laud)

Vivienne Buenaventura(Guitarra)

Demy Buscar(Guitarra)

Roneil Cabalatungan(Bandurria 1)

Jose Mari Clemente(Guitarra)

Angelito L. David (Bandurria 1)
Lito is a visual artist whose forte is watercolor. He was an Italian government scholar for painting and is a restorer of rare documents, manuscripts, and fine art works. He also plays the bandurria and violin.

Estrella M. David (Octavina)
A former member of the Bayanihan dance troupe, Teya plays the piano and electric organ. She is a Foreign Service graduate and is currently the project coordinator of a New Jersey county office.

Leoncito A. De Lara (Laud)
Leon is graduate of the College of Law and plays various instruments including the guitar and alto sax.

Victor Eric Garcia(Laud)

Lena R. Gonzalez (Bandurria 1)
A lab technologist at Flushing Hospital and Medical Center, Lena plays the guitar as well.

Lorenzo Labitigan(Bandurria 2)

Amor I. McGuinness (Bandurria 1)
Amor is a soprano with the Morris Choral Society. She was recently honored by former President Cory Aquino as one of the Most Outstanding Filipinos Overseas. She is a past president of the UPAA-NJ Chapter. An RN, Amor is the owner-administrator of South Terrace Manor Rest Home.

Mirinisa Myers(Laud)

Jerzi Olivia Nalzaro (Bandurria 1)

Amuerfina Nazario (Bandurria 1)

Emilio Nazario(Bajo)

April Joy Ramirez (Bandurria 2)

Rodolfo Reyes (Guitarra)

Jose Rojas(Octavina)

Romeo Sevilla(Bajo)

Patrick Simon(Guitarra)

Cesar Valencia(Guitarra)

Diane D. Valencia (Bandurria II)
Diane handles the accounts maintenance department of a major industrial temporary employment contractor. She studied as a government scholar at The Hague.

Leonor Llorin Paliguin(Music Director)

Sonny B. Santos (Webmaster)
Sonny is an electrical engineering consultant with a New York firm and is currently assigned in Taichung, Taiwan. He created and dedicatedly maintains UPA&FR's website, which was voted one of the cool audio sites on the Internet.

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